FAQ: What Size Oring For Paintball Tank?

How do I know what size O ring to buy?

How to Measure O – Rings

  1. Place the O – ring on a clean, flat, level surface.
  2. Determine the inside diameter by using a ruler to measure from one inner edge to another.
  3. Use a ruler to measure the diameter, from one outer corner of the O – ring to the other outer corner.
  4. Finally, measure the cross-section. Place the O – ring into a vernier caliper.

How do I choose an O ring?

When choosing an O – ring there are several factors to consider in determining proper selection including: the application for which the O – ring is to be used; the media to be sealed; the size of the fastener to be sealed; and the temperature and pressure to which the O – ring will be subjected.

What size threads are on a paintball tank?

the thread size of almost any paintball tank made in the last 6 years is 5/8-18 UNF.

What size is a #8 O ring?

Welcome to our AS568 O-ring Size Chart section

AS568 Number Nominal Actual
006 1/ 8 0.114
007 5/32 0.145
008 3/16 0.176
009 7/32 0.208
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Can Vaseline be used to lubricate O rings?

Answer: Well, Mike, no, you do not want to use Vaseline on your o – rings. The petroleum-based jelly eats away the rubber, causing the rubber to stretch, or tear sooner than normal. The preferred pool o – ring lube is a Teflon or Silicone base to keep the rubber soft and supple.

What size is O in ring size?

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Inside diameter (mm) Inside circumference (mm) Ring size
17.12 53.8 N
17.53 55.1 O
17.93 56.3 P
18.34 57.6 Q

Why do O rings leak?

The most common causes of O – Ring failures include: Improper gland design, allowing for too much or too little compression, not enough for seal expansion and tolerance stack-up.

What is the best lubricant for O rings?

Super Lube O-Ring Silicone Grease is a non-curing silicone compound that is ideal for lubricating, sealing and conditioning O-rings and other regulator and valve system components. It is waterproof and protects against moisture and oxidation.

What color are Viton O rings?

O-rings made of Viton are typically color-coded as black, but new gaskets, seals and O-rings should be green FKM or black FKM, but with a green mark on the outer edge.

Is O-ring size big?

Conversion Table

Size UK Size Diameter (mm)
Large N 17.2
X Large O 17.6
X Large P 18.0
X Large Q 18.4

What size is a #10 O-ring?

Engineering Support

O – RINGS (Part No. and Ref. No.)
DeltaFlex Part No. AS568- Part No. O – Ring Size
OR-008 AS568-008 8
OR-009 AS568-009 9
OR-010 AS568-010 10

What is O-ring size in mm?


N 17.2 mm
N 1/2 17.4 mm
O 17.6 mm
O 1/2 17.8 mm