Question: What Do The Ckmmunity Paintball Games Make Fun Of?

Are the paintball guns in community real?

The paintball guns used on Community were modified Tippmann TPX paintball pistols. It’s is a. 68 caliber marker, and considered one of the smallest and lightest guns around. It has an 8-round magazine and runs off of a single 12g CO2 cartridge which is stored under the barrel.

What is modern espionage a parody of?

Cultural references ” Modern Espionage ” features spy-movie homages and tropes, in contrast to the action movie setting of ” Modern Warfare”, the western setting of “A Fistful of Paintballs”, and the Star Wars homages of “For a Few Paintballs More”.

What are all the paintball episodes in community?

Here’s every episode of paintball, including those that reference past tournaments.

  • Season 1 – “Modern Warfare”
  • Season 2 – “A Fistful of Paintballs ” & “For a Few Paintballs More”
  • Season 3 – “Curriculum Unavailable”
  • Season 4 – “Advanced Introduction to Finality”
  • Season 6 – “Modern Espionage”

Did Annie vote Pierce out?

Annie sadly explains to Pierce that it wasn’t a card game: it was a vote. They were voting on whether or not Pierce would be allowed to return to the study group next year. It had to be unanimous though, and Annie was the lone holdout.

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Who shot the silver paintballs?

Plot. Late at night on the Greendale campus, Star-Burns is in the parking garage having just left Vicki’s one woman stage show. He is approached by Todd and an unexpected paintball battle erupts between them. Star-Burns gains the upper hand when a third party shoots him and Todd with silver paint.

What is the best paintball pistol?

  • The Umarex T4E Walther PPQ is the Best.43 Caliber Paintball Pistol.
  • The GI Sportz Menace is the Best.50 Caliber Paintball Pistol.
  • The Tippmann TiPX is the Best.68 Caliber Paintball Pistol.
  • The GLOCK 17 Gen 3 is the Best Paintball GLOCK.
  • The Umarex T4E TR50 is the Best Paintball Revolver.

Who is silver balls in community?

It’s Kumail. He uses the last of his silver ammo on Abed and Annie and you can see him run out of ammo when he tries to shoot Jeff and Dean on the stage. Thank god.

Who played Stacy on community?

Stacy’s first appearance was in the Season Six episode “Wedding Videography”. She is portrayed by actress/comedian Erin McGathy who in real life was married to Community creator Dan Harmon.

Does Jeff sleep with Annie?

Because it’s not a relationship. It’s totally not. A relationship involves sex, which, okay, yes, is happening, but Annie only sleeps over Jeff’s on the weekends, which are pretty much filled with sex 24/7.

What is the best episode of Community?

The 20 Best ‘Community’ Episodes, Ranked

  • “Investigative Journalism” (Season 1, Episode 13)
  • ” Advanced Safety Features ” (Season 6, Episode 7)
  • “Basic Rocket Science” (Season 2, Episode 4)
  • “App Development and Condiments” (Season 5, Episode 8)
  • ” Geothermal Escapism ” (Season 5, Episode 5)
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Is there a paintball episode every season of Community?

Nearly every season features at least one episode where the study group, the Greendale 7, the Save Greendale Committee, or whatever the Community cast call themselves play a huge, all encompassing game of paintball (or a paintball adjacent game).

Who voted Pierce out of the group?

Character Card Introductions It is later revealed that the cards used to represent them are the same ones they used to vote on whether or not Pierce could stay in the study group. A unanimous vote was needed with the black cards symbolizing votes to kick Pierce out of the group. Annie was the only one who voted red.

Who was the red card community?

Annie was the only red card, Ace of Hearts, Jeff – King of Spades, Britta-Queen of Spades, Abed – Jack of Clubs, Troy – King of Clubs, Shirley – Ace of Clubs. At the end of the episode ” Red 5, standing by.” is heard, alluding to the oncoming Star Wars theme of the part two follow up.