Quick Answer: How To Mount Gopro On Paintball Mask?

Can you take a GoPro paintball?

Re: GoPro paintball The front and rear LCD are not “bulletproof” so they might sustain some damage from a direct shot from a paintball gun. You can get screen protectors, which may help, but the SuperSuit is the safest way to protect your camera. You can wash and submerge the camera, so the paint should be removable.

Is it safe to mount GoPro on helmet?

Phil said he’d asked GoPro, and been told: “Our mounts are not designed to withstand significant impact, in the event that you do significantly impact your helmet the mounting parts and adhesive would likely not stay or adversely affect the performance of the helmet.”

Will there be a GoPro hero 9?

The GoPro Hero 9 release date will likely be in September or October 2020. Based on previous years’ releases, we would expect a release date in September.