Readers ask: What Kind Of Orings To You Use In A Paintball Gun?

How do I choose an O ring?

When choosing an O – ring there are several factors to consider in determining proper selection including: the application for which the O – ring is to be used; the media to be sealed; the size of the fastener to be sealed; and the temperature and pressure to which the O – ring will be subjected.

What is the difference between black O rings and green O rings?

The black o – rings are most likely neoprene or NBR (nitrile) rubber. These elastomers were most often used/specified for auto air conditioning and Freon 12. The green colored o – rings are most likely HNBR or hydrogenated nitrile rubber. They were introduced with the change to 134a refrigerant.

What can you use in place of an O ring?

Alternatives to O – rings for static sealing

  • Extruded and cut seal profiles. One alternative to O – rings are extruded and cut seal profiles.
  • Rubber substitutes. O – rings are often made of rubber elastomers.
  • Flange seals.
  • Static radial seal.
  • Axial face seals.
  • Press-in- place seals.
  • Composite sealing plates.
  • Parker Hannifin.
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How do I know what size O-ring to buy?

To measure the outside diameter, use a ruler to measure from one outer edge to the other of the o – ring. You can determine the third diameter of the O – ring with 2 diameters using the following equation: Outside Diameter (OD) = Inside Diameter + (2 x Cross Section). Inside Diameter (ID) = OD – (2 x Cross Section).

What is the best lubricant for O-rings?

Super Lube O-Ring Silicone Grease is a non-curing silicone compound that is ideal for lubricating, sealing and conditioning O-rings and other regulator and valve system components. It is waterproof and protects against moisture and oxidation.

Can Vaseline be used to lubricate O rings?

Answer: Well, Mike, no, you do not want to use Vaseline on your o – rings. The petroleum-based jelly eats away the rubber, causing the rubber to stretch, or tear sooner than normal. The preferred pool o – ring lube is a Teflon or Silicone base to keep the rubber soft and supple.

Why are AC O rings green?

The green O – Rings are Highly Saturated Nitrile (also known as Hydrogenated Nitrile) and are commonly referred to as HNBR or, in some cases, HSN. In either case, the green color is molded into the rubber. The reason for selecting green HNBR over blue Neoprene is twofold.

What is the best O ring material?

Nitrile rubber materials are the most commonly used general purpose o-ring material because of relative low cost, good mechanical properties, and performance with many basic oils, fuels, and lubricants.

Why does my paintball gun leak air from the barrel?

leak down the barrel is caused by one of two things: Bad cup seal or the o rings on the valve. If so, either you broke an o ring when you put the valve back in, or you just need to cycle the gun about 40 times to break the cup seal in.

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Why does my paintball gun leak CO2?

CO2 in a gaseous form creates pressure to allow for the high-speed firing of a paintball gun. Gas may leak because of a broken gas insert seal, or the air source adapter (ASA) is not screwed correctly. You can fix this by making sure the O-ring is intact, the ASA post is in place, and the parts are well-lubricated.

Why is my paintball gun rapid firing?

Basically, a rapid – fire or double- fire issue can happen due to a problem with any one part: the ball detent, sear, bolt, and O-rings. Usually, a paintball gun firing two balls with one trigger pull means the issue is with your ball detent.

How do you glue O-rings?

Be sure to use an appropriate glue for your O – ring material! For nitrile, a standard cyanoacrylate superglue will do the trick. My preference here is for Loctite’s Power Flex superglue. It’s a gel, which makes it considerably easier to apply to the end of the cord, plus it sets quickly and is very strong.

Can you shrink O-rings?

Its a quick and simple process, simply put the gasket in a pan with some clean water and boil it for a few minutes, simple as that. The heat will cause the fuel to vaporise and leave the gasket allowing it to shrink back (closer) to its original size, it will also clean the gasket.