Why Are Paintball Hoppers So Expensive?

What is a good hopper for paintball?

Best Paintball Hoppers 2021

Product Details
1. DYE LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper Editor’s Choice Check Price
2. Virtue Spire III Electronic Paintball Hopper Most Reliable Check Price
3. Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System Best Budget Buy Check Price

How much is a paintball hopper?

Our Price: $24.95 We have a variety of paintball loaders with price tags from $4.95 all the way up to $249.95. For the basic $4.95 loader, you are looking at a standard gravity fed loader that will only work well on non electric guns.

What is a paintball hopper?

A paintball hopper (this may also be referred to as a loader) is a device that attaches to your paintball gun. This will store your paint before loading the paint into the firing chamber.

Are Paintball Hoppers universal?

Although there is no single manufacturing rule governing hopper specifications, almost all paintball hoppers manufactured after 2007 are universal in size. Hoppers produced before 2007 are, for the most part, incompatible because the feedneck can only incorporate a small range of sizes.

How many paintballs are in a hopper?

Most hoppers hold about 200 paintballs, and many modern electropneumatic markers can empty a full hopper in 10 seconds of sustained fire.

How much are co2 tanks for paintball guns?

Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank

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List Price: $39.99 Details
You Save: $10.94 (27%)

What is an electronic paintball gun?

Electronic Paintball Guns Electronic guns –or electro-pneumatic guns –fire paintballs by using battery-powered circuit boards that activate solenoids which cause the gun to fire. Since circuit boards are programmable, it’s easy to tell the board to fire automatically, use a three-round burst, or any other firing modes.

How does an electric hopper work?

Electronic hoppers use battery powered motors spinning paddles, fins or feed trays to feed paintballs into paintball guns much more quickly than gravity could, enabling players to shoot fifteen or even twenty paintballs per second and faster!